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In business for over ten years, Gustavo Godoy Inc. is a privately held company that creates bespoke, hand-crafted hair-on-hide carpets and textiles. To create these fine rugs, the Ateliers team of artisans uses only sustainable leathers sourced from around the world.


The unique designs and impeccable craftsmanship appeal to the discriminating, educated consumer with an appreciation for sophistication with an edge.  Offered in ranges of color from subtle pastels to vibrant and energizing hues, Gustavo Godoy offers select ready-made color combinations or allows for complete customization of size and color to meet the demands of each project. 



The Artisan

the artisan

Gustavo Godoy, company owner and head artisan, was born in Brazil and had an early passion for leather goods. Greatly influenced by trips to his uncle's tannery as a young boy, Godoy was drawn to the properties of raw leather and hide and was fascinated by the ability to transform them into unique luxury goods. 


Gustavo’s passion led him to schools in Paris, Madrid, London and New York, learning from different cultures and drawing inspiration from each location. Knowledge of traditional methods of leather crafsmanship such as hand stitching, dying and leather weaving is what inspires him to push the boundries of custom carpet design. 


Originally coming to Texas to represent Brazil's premier tannery of exotic leathers and skins, Gustavo later founded his own private label company.

Gustavo Godoy welcomes the opportunity to reinterpret your vision for a hand-crafted hair-on-hide carpet.



Call (646) 438-2457

4766 Memphis Street, Dallas, TX 75207

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